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Nasal Cleaning

31/07/2010 17:27
Each day people all over the world awake to their own personal cleansing routine. Quite often, though, the inside of the body is not considered. The nose is the body's primary anti-pollution filter. Without it functioning well, all sorts of nasties can get into the lungs...

Prayer Beads full size with 108 beads; and Hand Malas

21/01/2010 20:49
Prayer beads or malas have 108 beads considered an auspicious number. They are strung with tassles and a guru bead set at the top in the traditional Eastern style. Bodhiseed is for increasing or enriching; crystal, moonstone, conchshell, and pearl are used for pacifying; carnelian and red...


23/02/2010 15:57
All of our seeds are ORGANIC! Here is our complete range of organic beans & seeds to grow yourself. For very little time and effort, for minimum cost and space required, you can grow your own nutritionally dense food throughout the year. As well as beans and seeds, we offer a range of...

Tibetan Singing Bowls

31/07/2010 14:27
Tibetan singing bowls vibrate when rubbed round the sides with a wooden stick. The vibration is said to create healing energy which can unblock the chakras. Excellent as meditation gongs. The larger bowls tend to produce the deeper sounds. For a really deep sound resonant of the "om" chanting we...


23/02/2010 16:01
SPROUTS are newly germinated seeds and pulses, baby plants bursting with all of the concentrated nutrition necessary to produce a fully grown plant.           SPROUTS are a powerhouse of nutrients, packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, trace...

Wheat Grass

23/02/2010 16:37
One could write a whole book on the properties of Wheat Grass. In juice form it can be used like a herbal medicine for both therapeutic and nutritional healing. 1-2oz a day of juice is recommended for a fit person. During illness, this should be increased to 4-5oz. Wheat Grass contains vitamins,...


You are very welcome. We launched this e-shop to provide items that our friends and family have used to nurture and nourish ourselves in our daily lives and would be of benefit to the wider community. I hope that you will find it easy to use and get as much benefit from the products as we have. We welcome your feedback and intend to update the site often with new items.


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